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7 Life-Changing Books That´ll Open Your Eyes

Some books that we read, we lend it to friends and say: “Yeah, great read!”. 

Then there are these kinds of books where we have collected several pages full of good thoughts and ideas and say: “Listen, it’s like advice from a father to his’s going to change your life!” 

So here we have 7 books that´ll open your eyes and maybe you will see the world in a different way. So here we go…

“The ONE Thing” – Gary W. Keller & Jay Papasan

Aghrhh, again the same old problem, so much to do when there is no time. How the hell do I manage to do all the things I need to do and have some free time as well? It’s impossible to be successful and at the same time have enough time to spend with family, hobbies, or traveling. I have to choose, but I can’t have both. Can you relate?

The good thing is that there is hope with The One Thing book. We are trying to do many things but end up doing almost nothing. The secret lies behind the book title. Yes, keeping attention to the One thing that matters the most for you. Something that will bring a spark to your eyes or bring “butterflies” in your stomach. Anything that you do every time without getting bored. That’s what we all are chasing for, right?

When you are too busy throughout the day from waking up to going to sleep, then watch your daily schedule. Is there anything that is unimportant and can be eliminated or delegated? Doing less and making time for the things that matter the most is the key here. Nobody is successful by doing all the things at the same time. Don’t know anybody who is a master at everything. They concentrate on the things that give them bigger outcomes and eliminate or delegate things they don’t have the desire to do. 

“Why You’re Dumb, Sick and Broke…And How to Get Smart, Healthy and Rich!” – Randy Gage 

Whenever you end up in crap, you should look back at the decisions that took you there. Sometimes, we end up doing stupid decisions. That is life and poop happens. Then we usually have two options: learn from it OR you say ahh, what was I  thinking, I´m shit and I should accept it.

Most of our time, we tend to think that everything will turn out bad and negative – I think I’m going to fail; I think it’s impossible to do;  I think I´ll never be fit, etc. After that comes an excuse to make us feel better, but mostly these are stupid points. It makes the situation even worse and next time when you fail you already are an expert on making out excuses. 

Just eliminating these bad thoughts (and excuses) will make a better impact on reaching a more positive life. Don’t think of yourself as a victim, there is a lot of power in your hands when using them correctly. Make yourself by your decisions smarter, healthier, and wealthier. 

“Rich Dad Poor Dad” –  Robert Kiyosaki

When you have to tighten your belt at the end of every month, then the problem isn’t that the government steals your money or you have too many expenses throughout the month. The problem is that you don’t know where your expenses are going and you don’t know how much money is coming in. 

Financial education is something that isn’t taught in school, but you are your blacksmith of destiny. Just knowing about financial numbers and knowing about cash flow is one way to financial freedom and the dreamland. Robert Kiyosaki explains how passive income can turn your dreams into your real lifestyle. Have multiple passive income streams and make wealth while you sleep.  

“How to Win Friends and Influence People” – Dale Carnegie

With communication and words, you can start a war, relationship, new connections, friendships. Communication doesn’t go all the time the way you planned. Every person doesn’t behave the same way as you are. You always want to have the best results, good relations, and influence people. But it all goes wrong when you put your focus on yourself, not on other people. People like the way you treat them (in a good way), when you listen to them and when you take into account their thoughts as well.   

With positivity, talking about things that the other side likes, accepting others’ decisions, being friendly is the way to influence people, and being known as a good person to talk to. It’s a book full of communication tips from Dale Carnegie and the funny thing is that it was published in 1936. But it’s still one of the greatest books about communication. It’s an essential book for everyone who wants to understand what it means to have great communication.

“Think and Grow Rich” – Napoleon Hill

This one is for the mindset. Your beliefs, desires, imagination, decision-making power are all important to lead yourself in a way you want to. Probably the best book to start when you want to understand the human subconscious mind. How the brain acts and why we end up in different situations in a certain way (in a bad or good way). 

It’s funny how things are going to change when you just remove negative beliefs and go on step by step in the right direction. The way you have dreamed and believed. In the end, this book gives whole different meanings about why we are lacking in some areas. You will start noticing how different people act and what they say (are they more negative or positive). You become what you believe.

“Wild” – Cheryl Strayed

Have you ever wondered that what if I take a break from my everyday life and just discover who the heck I am? What I should do next? What What What? 

If you have these kinds of questions or you just like adventures then it is a great book to read and also a movie to watch! 

It is totally fine when we are lost in our lives and don’t know where to go. This book is biographical and this is a story about a young woman, who went on a long hike. Pacific Crest Trail is the hiking trail and she walked 1,770 km in six months. 

She meets a lot of people who are helping her and also she has a lot of great stories to tell that happened along the road. 

This book will remind you that if you have something on your mind then just go and get it. Don’t overthink, just act. Otherwise, you may lose the chance to do it. Because time flies fast.

“Lone Survivor” – Marcus Luttrell

It’s a story of a mission that didn’t go as planned. Everything went wrong and four Navy SEAL soldiers had to find their way out. 

A book and again a movie that will inspire you. It will make you appreciate your life and think that all the hard times you have had are not that difficult actually. It will make you appreciate your friends and family because you will never know when it’s the last day you will see them. The only thing that you can do is be in the moment and enjoy the day you have. Make each day count. 

Open your eyes and remember that life is worth living fullest!


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