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10 Books That Will Change The Way You Look At Life


    Some books have a great impact on your success, well-being, or shaping a new version of yourself. These books will change the way you see the world and how you can change your life in that tiny globe. 

    But here is a list of books that will change the way you think about life and how you can be that person which is described in the book to fulfill your potential. 

    1. “Atomic Habits” James Clear

    ​Have you wondered why we crab our phone (not even thinking) when we are bored? Why do we start watching TV when we go to the living room? Why do we act this way? 

    Life is one crazy ride. The book’s name already gives out that “Atomic habits” talk mostly about our habits and how we can change the way we look at life! There is a saying “Do write a great book you need to first become a book!” Who you are equals what you do! 

    Our lives are full of habits that we do daily and usually, we don’t even notice or think about them. We have goals where we want to reach and habits are like little atomics which makes a big whole! Goals are the results you want to reach. The system (process) is how we get there!

    Changes that seem small at first will be remarkable if you stick with them for years (Improving 1%). The problem is that we want quick changes, but it takes time to change your habits and your system. 

    good habits

    2. “How to Win Friends and Influence People” Dale Carnegie

    “Happiness doesn’t depend on any external conditions, it is governed by our mental attitude.”

    ​By the title, it looks like “How to win friends?” ABC, but it’s more likely a communication ABC. Focusing on the partner and knowing human psychology it’s the way humans heart. Influencing people (in a good way) will come even easier when you know how people react to your words, actions. 

    Treat them the way they like and have a win-win situation for both. After implementing these pieces of advice and taking actions to behave that way, you actually can have more friends than enemies. It’s one of the most eye-opening books, and the world after implementing these bits of advice will be more peaceful.

    3. “Rich Dad Poor Dad” Robert T. Kiyosaki

    “A wealthy person is simply someone who has learned how to make money when they are not working.”

    Some people call it number one in the financial literacy section. When finances and keeping track of your expenses/revenues are important to you and you have no idea how to start. Then it should be the first book to read about financial education. It’s eye-opening and you see the financial world completely different. 

    At first, when you think, it’s hard to make more wealth, then after reading that you see a light from a tunnel. Knowing about cash flow and getting your money work for you (passive income) will change the way you think about financial freedom.

    rich vs poor

    4. “The 4-Hour Workweek” Timothy Ferriss

    “Focus on being productive instead of being busy.”

    ​Tim Ferriss is a man who has achieved some remarkable things:

    First American in history to hold a Guinness World Record in tango; Speaker of 5 languages; National Chinese kickboxing champion. How the heck did he manage to do these kinds of things and become even a champion? Well, he said: “Beat the game!”. 

    This book is for those who want to have a change in their lives. If you are tired from a 9-5 job, then you can find some beneficial tools and tips to live a life. Define your dreams, eliminate useless and unwanted things, automate your daily schedule, and feel liberated through life. And you can live stress-free (almost) and improve your productivity. So in other words, you can enjoy your life. You will get so many great ideas on how to live life but also being less busy with random stuff.

    5. “The One Thing” Gary W. Keller, Jay Papasan

    “What’s the ONE Thing you can do such that by doing it everything else will be easier or unnecessary?”

    What is that ONE thing, what makes every morning your eyes shine and you rarely complain about it? You can do this your whole life and afterward you can look back at your achievements and be proud of them. How many people can relate to it? Pretty few, right!

    In modern society, everybody is in a rush – in work, home, social life. Everybody wants their attention and you want to do everything to make your life matter. Why don’t we achieve that much when we do everything we can to succeed? Well, there is the point. We are doing too many things and achieve less. 

    Finding your ONE thing and making priorities will change your life. Say NO to distractions and things that aren’t important. Make your day more productive and effective by doing less. The choice is yours!

    one thing

    6. “Why You’re Dumb, Sick and Broke…” Randy Gage

    “People think that the opposite of success is a failure, but it’s not. Failure is part of the process of success”

    ​Tired of different fancy mindset books on how to become a better version of yourself? Then there is something for you – an unordinary book from the mindset section. Brutally honest Randy Gage uses more rapid language than you can imagine in a self-help book. 

    After you have read that book you don’t feel that you have any serious excuses to not achieve a greater version of yourself. It’s an eye-opening book and after that, it will change the way you think about where and why the hell you are lacking in some areas.

    7. “Think and Grow Rich” Napoleon Hill

    “Patience, persistence and perspiration make an unbeatable combination for success”

    ​By the title, it looks like it’s another financial book, but actually, it’s one of the greatest books in the mindset field by legendary Napoleon Hill. Even though it was written in 1937, these thoughts are still accurate in today’s society. The idea of the book spins around reframing your beliefs and growing your mind to the next level. 

    An author gives you different areas where and how to improve your subconscious mind in the right direction to the level you always have dreamed of. It all starts from the first step of reprogramming your beliefs.


    8. “The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck” Mark Manson

    For decades, we’ve been told that positive thinking is the key to a happy and rich life. “F**k positivity,” Mark Manson says. “Let’s be honest, shit is f**ked and we have to live with it.”

     This book is full of straight and honest sayings that can hit you right in the feels.

    We make a lot of excuses almost every day. Mark teaches you to embrace mediocrity because admit it, not everyone is going to be great or do great.

    The book will make you realize some things which you already know but you couldn’t admit to yourself.

    ​”Don’t care about the unimportant stuff, but it’s important to figure out what is important, and still don’t ruin your life if you screw up the important stuff. Just learn from it and try not to be too afraid to make mistakes.”

    Full of real-life examples and will also teach you to focus on larger things and don’t care about petty stuff that has no meaning or effect on your life.

    9. “5 am Club” Robin Sharma

    “How to get more done, while others are sleeping.”

    Every morning you have a choice – to have either a good day or a bad day. Normal people would choose the first option, but it won’t go that way every time. So, what do I have to do each morning to feel energized every day? 

    Well, there is a master mentor named Robin Sharma, who will give you the right guidelines to form the right habits to rock throughout the day. Take the mornings for yourself – get ready physically and mentally and your day can start. 

    It’s not just about morning habits, there are more good thoughts about the importance of good habits and your well-being. Why is it important to take care of yourself and have some rest for a while?! I would recommend reading this book, if you have a hard time waking up early or the ones who don’t feel energized the whole day. It all starts with forming good habits.

    early run

    10. “Mindset: The New Psychology of Success” Carol S. Dweck

    Why is that young kids look so happy, energized, and living by every day as their best day ever? Then, after years of experience, failures and different opinions have shaped the same happy kids to be afraid of failure.

    It doesn’t go the same way with all the people, but a “cruel environment” can change a lot of lives. Book is about growth mindset versus fixed mindset. How our mindsets have developed through years in family life, school, at work and in relationships. Why some are doing great and others don’t. Nobody isn’t a born superstar, but has gained it thanks to a growth mindset. 

    In the book you have real-life examples between growth and fixed mindset. How our subconscious minds have been shaped through years by external factors and how you can change it. The first thing is to acknowledge how your brain reacts on different occasions. Are you afraid to take the next step (fixed mindset) or do you see it as an opportunity to learn new things (growth mindset).

    If you are the person who seeks to grow, then great, you are on the right direction. If not, then no worries, everything can be changed. It will take time, discipline, and persistence, but it will be worth it. You will be surprised, how these all fears have stopped you to grow a person, who can achieve more than you imagined. 

    The best thing you take from this book is that you are more aware of your mindset on how it reacts to different situations. Everybody can achieve great things, when the mindset is tuned in the right direction.


    These are the books that changed our lives in some way. Even a small improvement is still an improvement. You will learn new things, expand your awareness and for sure you will grow your mind. Take a book, read it, and learn on how to change your life to new improved standards. 

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