About the page

We believe that life is all about making memories and creating great stories. Everyone wants to live a happy life, in the end, that is what we are chasing for!

On that page, you will find stories and our thoughts about growth. Books to read to absorb new knowledge in your everyday lifestyle. Challenges to set yourself new greater standards. To be a consistent hard-worker to reach your desired goals with a badass growth mindset.

Don’t let us grow alone. Jump on the board!

about the page

Where you want to grow?

We have three different categories for you.

Choose the one you like the most OR choose the one where you need to grow the most!

Growth mindset

Growth vs fixed mindset.
A growth mindset is the belief that we can get smarter though hard work, learning and effort.
Learn how to become better YOU.


If you don’t challenge yourself, you will never realize what you can become. Try new challenges. Go out and explore this awesome world!

Books for growth

Books tell stories and also books have the power to takes us into imaginary land. Would you like to be they person who one day tells his/hers story?

What Growth gives to you?

Step closer to change the World

Personal development increases your value in different forms. Who know where your value exceeds. Might happen that you invent life-changing thing.

Ability to see a clearer future

More knowledge will broaden your eyesight further away into untouched horizons. The more you know, the clearer your sight will be.

You will be respected by many

People will remember your name. You are like a superstar they talk about. They will be amazed by your positive attitude.

To tell more captivating stories

A storyteller who whispers golden wisdom. Doesn’t matter if you are around a campfire or front of millions. It’s golden nuggets time!

A role model for everyone

A leader and legend, who is not scared by challenges, circumstances or bad weather. By embracing these obstacles you can’t run away from growth.

More doors will be open

Are you ready for more life-changing choices in front of you. Time to take your first steps into magical and brighter lands!

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Don’t miss the change!

World is changing in the speed of light and day after day more things are moving to the digital world. Spending more time online, we tend to forget our physical and mental health. Instead of scrolling on Facebook, instagram, feed yourself with more wisdom, knowledge and great thoughts. Get accountable with us, don’t miss the change and…

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We love to grow. We love to see others grow. That is what life should be about.