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5 Great Thoughts from Mindset Books

Why are we keeping coming back to the good “old books”? What is the secret? 

There is something that triggers us. Thanks to the books we have an ability to dream and think outside of this world.

It’s always a good thing to start with a new and exciting habit. Something that will improve your knowledge about your body, self-development, about another person, investing, mindset overall, or anything else that seems important.

Yes, it’s a good habit to read books.

Those are full of wisdom, ideas, and thoughts from great guys from different fields, who are just like invisible mentors showing us the way. “A book can open the mind, free the heart and speak to the soul” 

If you want to know why it’s the best time to start right now with this new habit… Then what else would you do in the current situation, where it´is recommended to stay home by the officials. Somehow we need to stay sharp.

These three books below are fundamental for any person, who wants to change their mindsets. In a good way, of course. Every book has some thoughts that are referenced by others. You will get the point, hopefully. But let’s find out five thoughts we found from these 3 great mindset books. 

1. We all have equal potentials to become smart, healthy, and wealthy

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“Why You’re Dumb, Sick and Broke…And How to Get Smart, Healthy and Rich!” – R. Gage

In his mindset book, Randy Gage is talking in a very straightforward and honest way about one topic. Why some of us are pleased with their lives and others are not. Thing is that we need to start looking for the answers from the day we were born. Because that is the time when our subconscious mind starts to shape our beliefs, habits, and principles. Going further to the period when we start with our lives as an individual (for example as a college student) we already have formed all the fundamental information in our subconscious mind.

If your subconscious is already ruined, then no worries – you can always reprogram it. With your powerful friend, which is your brain. With that, you have to make lots of decisions to strive towards your goals. These same decisions, which lead to great or bad results, depend on what you choose.

Are you studying with a commitment, reading books and constantly improving yourself OR you find an excuse that one book doesn’t make me better, I rather watch another Netflix series. Are you monitoring your eating habits and constantly staying active OR you find an excuse, that the weather ruins your training and a piece of cake (every night) doesn’t affect your figure. Are you keeping track of your expenses and finding ways to make more profit OR do you live from payday to payday and blame the government who steals all your revenue.

All the smartest scientists and ordinary people (like us) have concluded that your life course is assigned by what decisions YOU have made.

2. Pointing all your attention to important activities, leads to a masterpiece. 

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“5 am Club” – Robin Sharma

There is one very logical and great thought in the book, but unfortunately, we are often mistaken with that one! What is the thought? We all have had times when we have a huge amount of motivation. We have kind of a feeling that we can conquer everything and there is nothing that can stop us. But we often forget that this is one sneaky trap. 

Why do we not conquer the world when we have that motivation going on?

The problem is that we start to focus on too many things… 

We start multitasking (deal with too many things at the same time) and the result is that we fail most of them. We just can’t get things done. Most of the results are half done and not performed well at all! That is the “sneaky” trap! 

Focus only on the things you love and what you feel are important to you. That is how you reach the stars. 

At the top, the competition is smaller and chances to have a breakthrough are much bigger. That is the reason why successful people ARE successful. They have focused on one thing at a time and not multitasking every day. 

Bruce Lee has said:

“I fear not the man who has practiced 10,000 kicks once, but I fear the man who has practiced one kick 10,000 times.”

3. Best of the bests aren’t made by genes, but they are made by constantly keeping up the habits. 

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“5 am Club” – Robin Sharma

Running a marathon, your goal is to run below 4 hours… After 30 km you feel tired, maybe some pain, and the only hope to reach your goal is to continue with the same rhythm. In this situation there is two kinds of people:

1) Fall into your comfort zone and take a rest. This person remains at the same level.

2) Keep on going and hit the goal! This person is going out of their comfort zone and grows.

We shouldn´t avoid hard times in our lives. As Robin Sharma said that difficulties are the ones that make us as humans stronger, courageous, wiser, and more interesting.  Dealing with these kinds of situations depends on the habits we have formed. The research shows that changing the habit can take up to 66 days. If you want to have a better lifestyle and also life then keeping up with good habits is one way how to do it! Keeping habits up constantly. With that strong mentality, giving up is not the answer. Exciting and adventurous life does not pass without battle scars.

4. Beliefs may lead you to wealth and also to poverty

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“Think and Grow Rich” – Napoleon Hill 

In his book, Napoleon Hill has brought out many great ideas, which gives a sign of courage and directions to help to grow your mindset to the top of the league. 

“You become, what you believe” – this quote hides a deep meaning. If you believe you have what it takes to become the person you want. Then sooner or later good things start to happen. You just need to believe. But things can go another way around as well.

The thing is that you need to find out how you react to different life situations or what you say to yourself if you fail? Our brain together with the subconscious mind is one powerful weapon. It’s really important to see how you react in situations when you fail at something.

For example, you didn’t get accepted in your dream job after trying five times. Easy to think about yourself that maybe it’s not for me or I am a loser. Well because you have tried five times. But when you see yourself in that dream job, then your believe will make you push even harder to be more prepared for the next interview. In the end, it is about the choices. Are you accepting the situation and admitting that you are a loser or continue working and chasing the dream? If your belief is strong enough then you will be surprised how far you can go. Give yourself time to grow.

5. Everyone has their own opinions, but in the end, it’s your decision what matters the most in your life

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“Think and Grow Rich” – Napoleon Hill 

Nearly all the time, each person is doing what they think is right! If somebody has a different opinion of the way you act and doesn’t like it. Then just thank them for advice and keep doing what you feel is good.

Napoleon Hill says that in life we need to have decision-making power and stick to what we feel is right. Do not let others affect you. Even when you are wrong then you can learn from your mistakes. That way we take responsibility for our actions. Otherwise, it is easy to start blaming others. 

Big and famous guys like Ford and Edison failed many times. But they never listened to other opinions about how they should do that or advice to give up. They believed in themselves, kept going and now we know them as one of the greatest guys. It can be hard but you need to have the power to stick to what you believe in the first place.


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