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Podcasts for Personal Growth

5 Inspiring Podcasts for Personal Growth

“Spotify can be a lifesaver…you never know”

We are readers! But Thank god there is a chance to listen to books and audios from everywhere you are! 

In this fast and crazy world, it sometimes feels impossible to have a little free time…

So now when we have a chance to listen to everything from everywhere we are. Okay. Great. Sounds cool, what is the problem then?

There are so many options on what to choose.

The first and most important thing what you need to ask yourself is:

What I want to listen to (obviously)? Is it about success, someone’s experience, other people’s life stories, leadership, how to deal with emotions and money… the list goes on and on. Just make sure you know what to listen to.

We have put together a list of podcasts for personal growth from Spotify that we have found the best ones for personal growth. 

Find your favorite

Let’s start

1. Impact Theory

This one is about everything… from business to mindset-focus. It’s also available on Youtube, so if you prefer to see the faces of people then go for it. Fun fact: This was the very first audio I listened to and I have to say that thanks to Impact Theory I found “The Toughest guy on earth” David Goggins. Impact Theory goes deep on every given topic and it gives life lessons through other people’s lives. 

You can find interviews with John Travolta, Les Brown, Simon Sinek, legendary actor Kathy Bates, Mike Posner, Randy Jackson… etc list goes long. So you can find people who have succeeded in different areas and HOW they see the world. What is their mindset and how they have started their journey.

2. The John Maxwell leadership podcast

Be ready. Listening to his voice is highly relaxing…

John Maxwell is a legend in book writing, leading, and speaking. His “one of the” most popular books “Developing the Leader Within You” is all about being a better leader and a person. John really knows how to lead and he gives his advice from every area you can think of… family up to professional life. If you want to be a better leader then this is a great way to start, grow and learn. He gives advice from his life and what he went through. 

3. The GaryVee Audio Experience

Gary is a quite known person in the online world. He is full of confidence and seems like he always knows what he’s talking about. Just like with Impact Theory you can find him also on Youtube. 

What he talks about? He talks about in a very truthful way about life and the choices we make. Emotional intelligence; how to be happy; what is the hardest question to ask yourself; why we need to make sacrifices etc. He has the ability to make you think about your life.  I often recognized myself when he talked about the mistakes that people make. But this is a great way to get better, really learn, and think about how to grow. Plus the audios are quite short. 5 min up to 20 min.

4. InvestED

When I was interested in investing then InvestED was the first podcast that appeared on Spotify when I typed in “investing”. To be true, that show was pretty good to hear and these showrunners talked about investing in a very enthusiastic way. When you already know the basics of investing, it’s easy to hear. In the investing world, there is so much information to accumulate and in that podcast, you will surely get tons of new information. To be alert all the time (because economics change so fast) it’s one show to be listened to be updated with new changes in the market.

5. TED Talks

TED Talks are always good to listen to when you really don’t know or you are not sure about what to listen to. They have gathered experts in different fields and there are so many topics to choose from (everyone can find something). Do you want to hear how to stay focused under pressure or how you can change the planet’s climate? Well, the range where you can choose is quite wide. Also, these talks are regulated to be comprehended, that you get as much information as possible in 10 to 20 minutes. Always good to listen, when you are not sure what you want to hear about and then later you can shine in conversation with “Fun facts” or “Did you know that..”.

Here We have it

All of the above are also a hell of motivators. When you are driving to work and feel down then listen to something above and you´ll start to feel a lot better. 

There is a saying: “We suffer more in the imagination than in the reality.” When we hear that other people have gone through much harder situations that we have and have that kind of mentality to go through whatever life gives.

Everyone has ups and downs… even the best ones. 



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