Growth Mindset

“Don´t go through life, grow through life”

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What is a Growth Mindset?

A growth mindset is something that makes you more courageous, confident, better and raises self-esteem. Yes, that many great words. Maybe you even have heard fixed mindset vs growth mindset.

Let’s take an example. You start your day and you want to make a sandwich. One guy is making the same sandwich over and over again without changing any ingredients. That guy is with a fixed mindset.

There is also another guy, who wants to make every day a better sandwich than yesterday. Failing is okay while experimenting with different ingredients that make the best taste and get you closer to Gordon Ramsey level. That guy, ladies and gentlemen has a growth mindset.

That was a really odd example, but it will paint the picture. If your sandwich still doesn’t taste good, then no worries that one thing doesn’t show your actual value. Maybe cooking isn’t your real passion.

A person with a growth mindset is determined to go further whatever it takes. Without getting hesitated by failures, challenges, circumstances, or bad weather. They embrace the mindset to turn impossible into possible. With growth, everything that you ever have dreamed of gets closer.