“You Will Never Know Your Limits until You push Yourself to them”

my first solo travel experience

My First Solo Travel Experience in Europe

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võhandu marathon

Võhandu marathon – Rowing 100 KM

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internship in portugal

ERASMUS Internship in Portugal

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running 24h

Running For 24 Hours Straight

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The Day We Did Something Good?!

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Running 100 km – Is It Good Idea?

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running a first marathon

Running A First Marathon

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A Week Without Screen Time: Challenges and New Discoveries

A week without screen time? Why the hell would anyone like to do such a challenge anyway?  Well, unfortunately, I had no other option… I have dreamed a long time about life without glasses &#8211…

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10 Things you Should NEVER Forget when going for a HIKE!

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Why to Challenge yourself?

Why not, heh?

But first to understand in clearly. What does it mean to challenge yourself? People usually think it means physically activity like running 100k or rowing 200k. It also might mean to reduce social media scrolling time. Getting out of bed without touching the snooze button. Exercising and eating well to stay healthy. Drinking less beer. Swimming in ice-cold water. Doing something uncomfortable.

That’s how we challenge ourselves and the list can go on. Doing things that are out of your comfort zone might not feel rational at first, but it will set new standards for yourself. For sure that will excite you!

New standards? For example, remember the time when you started running. At first, 5k was like a marathon for you. But soon when you managed to run that “marathon”, you set a new standard for yourself. That you know I can make it 5k, what is my next ceiling? This is how we grow with challenges.

We do challenges to improve our mindset. It doesn’t seem nor feels comfortable, but we do that for growth. In the end, it’s fun, without any regret, it’s also something for the memories.

So yeah, why not challenge yourself?