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4 Big Changes in the New Year

5 BIG Changes in the New Year

“Be more awesome than last year!”

Life is one big journey. It flies really fast… one blink and a year has passed, just like that. 2020 was one crazy year. A lot changed and a lot of plans were cancelled. Crazy, how one year can turn out! Are you ready for changes in the New Year? 

Turning every Christmas and new year celebrations; it is the time when we meet with our families and we enjoy the time together. We look back at the time that has passed, we wonder and talk about the “Good old days.” We think about the memories and what we have within the year! Ohh damn, it is calm time… all the stress and worries are gone! 

Truth is everyone knows the saying: “what happened in the past is history and we can not change that. The only thing we can do is learn from it!”

What I want to do?

What do I want to accomplish this year? What activities? What goals do I have? Where do I want to reach and get at the end of a year (better job, more salary…)? How is this year going to turn out? These questions are popping up. What are the answers?

Answering these questions before the new year is easy when we sit in the warm and cozy room with family! We all want to have changes in the New Year (logical right?) Before the upcoming year, we find the power within us to actually believe that I am going to change and I will conquer the things I have in my mind. Is everything going to be like planned or…? 

Why does the promise seem so easy in our heads but in reality it’s almost impossible?


We want to have success

We want to have success and results fast but usually we are not ready to do the work that is needed. When the first setback comes then we give up and do not try again! We usually want to do everything at once and then deliver huge success. If we try to do everything then eventually reality hits and we might fail at everything. Remember: “If you chase two rabbits you will not catch either!” 

Focus on one step at a time. Build your success on a strong foundation. You are not going to regret it! That doesn’t mean you have to think everything through. No. That means you start with actions but not all the actions at the same time. 

Think about it: You are building a house. If you start building a foundation you start building other things when this is done. You can’t build the roof straight away. 

Your circle of people

It will be the same even though your ambitions are high and you have all the crazy goals in mind. Your circle will be the same and then they will laugh or bring you down! The more time you spend with them, the faster you will forget your promises! There is a saying: “Show me who your friends are, and I will tell you what you are!”

It is easy to write down all the goals and promises

True. It’s easy and it’s important to write them down. Doing them is another thing. It can be fear that holds you back, no motivation, no commitment… it can be anything!

These are just a few examples that can ruin your plans! You obviously have heard this monologue million times but despite that many of us still are doing the same mistake all over again! Every year, the same thing!

There are many goals and promises that you can make to yourself. Maybe you just want to be better in specific areas! So what did we decide to do? 

1. Work and Business!

work and business

Why are these two together? These two areas are something that brings food to the table and also helps you chase your dreams! Every person is different and many of us do not like to be or want to be entrepreneurs and also there are the ones who like and want to lead a business!

But what is most important? You have to do what you love! Simon Sinek says in his book “Start with why” that 80% of Americans hate their jobs. To be true, this is pretty sad to hear. Why? Because normally we work 40h a week and most of the time we complain about that (how shit it is). Usually, we can change the work but we want safety and comfort! For us, it is important to find answers to these questions and problems! If you want to make changes in the new year you need to make some sacrifices.

Find your why

There is a saying: “If your why is strong enough you will figure out anyhow.” It´s true and everyone has a different reason: For example, I like my job because then I have a chance to be an expert in that area and that way I can help others to become better!

I like my business because I solve community problems and make life easier for other people! 

I want a better life for myself and for my family and I will do whatever it takes to make it happen!… You get the point. There are many reasons. Your why needs to be strong enough to make it hard to sleep and jump out of bed in the morning (because you wait morning so bad). Strong why is emotional!  

Always give your best

Even when you don’t feel or like doing it! Show that you are better; results and positive vibes will follow! You find new opportunities when you have a good vibe and give your best. If you have a bad attitude and do not give your best then you find bad in many things. “The way you do one thing is the way you do everything!” What is the point? Be professional

Side hustle

You work for money right? With the money, you buy food, pay bills, and have a roof over your head. But what to do after work? Watch TV or find other ways to make money? Focus on your real desire. Just an hour or two! Sounds too much? If your why is strong enough then it doesn’t! 

Start with your business or learn new skills. With time you get better for sure. Stop complaining, start acting! You will thank yourself in the future. 

Be the king of your time

You probably have heard this but if you are a working person and want to do something more (side hustle), then you need to make time for the things you want to do! Make a calendar and plan a week or month ahead and follow that. That way it is easy to see how you are getting better and also make priorities. 

If you can manage your time then you can manage everything. Time is a powerful thing. Something we can never turn back. The ones who know the art of managing time are powerful.

2. Finance


There aren’t many people who say that money is not important. Is it true or not but the truth is that you need money… food, healthcare, chasing dreams, travelling… and there are many other reasons. Do I need to be a millionaire/billionaire for that? No, of course not!

Everyone has a different opinion about money so everyone has different goals and dreams as well. Some people (read most of the people) just like it when they do not have to count the cents every time they go to the store. 

If you want to make changes in the new year and be financially intelligent. Then you have to start somewhere. Like we already mentioned when you build a house you do not start from the roof (of course not) you start from the foundation and that is the same with financial intelligence. Here are few starting tips:

Keep an eye on your expenses

For example, use Excel and write down all your expenses what you do within a month over there. What can you see that way? Where your money actually goes and also you find out that no one steals it… you just spend it too much. 

Be aware of multiple small spendings, they can lead to a bigger loss. For example, buying coffee every morning. Tracking expenses is the foundation of financial success and once you have formed a habit you will have control over your spendings and also revenues.

Find more than one way to make money

Robert Kiyosaki said in his book “Rich dad and poor dad” that financially free people have more than one source of income! 

Nowadays we have the internet and it is full of opportunities to make extra bucks… (investing, blogs, social media, e-store, one day jobs…) just find what you like the most! Become master at this and sell your product or service and gain some extra pounds from that. Okay, it seems easy, right? Hey guys, why is everyone not doing that then? It needs discipline, patience and it takes time… nothing happens overnight! 

Long term vs Short term

Usually we think hmmm what to do tomorrow or what party should I go to on the weekend! Rather think about what I am going to do next month or year? 

Who I want to be and what should I do for that! I know it is not fun. But short term joy can bring in the end long term pain. If you “suffer” a few days and think about a little further then you might find yourself in a dreamland!

3. Self-Improvement

books to read

All of the earlier: Business, jobs, finances and also friends, family and free time – what the heck! I have no free time to improve myself. Our response… of course you have time for changes in the New Year. But how? 

It comes down to discipline and priorities! For example: driving with a bus, walking home, driving with a car. Instead of watching Instagram stories or listening to music… listen to books (audiobooks), and listen to podcasts. Just find the way to make the time. How do I find a time and how to use it?

Good old book

Yes, books… There are so many books about different topics out there! Reading keeps you at the moment and also you get knowledge from different perspectives. Reading just 15 min every day, you “open your eyes” more and get smarter (at least not the other way around)! Overall with reading, you can fill the caps that may need to be filled. Read to lead!

Find out some Books for Growth


It’s bad overall but in some cases it is good! For example, walking, driving a car, cleaning. You do not need to think about these activities (of course when driving with a car then you need to be alert). What do I mean? 

You can listen to some podcasts, standing in line or on the bus – read a book! You have friends with you, talk with him/her! We tend to forget that we do not have to watch our phones every 5 seconds.

Out of comfort zone

When did you do something for the first time? How did you feel after that? What memories you have left from that? Think about that? Many times the feeling is good and memories are great! At the time… doing something for the first time it was uncomfortable for sure. Later it may come as the best thing you have done. “Great things never come from comfort zones.” Remember that!

4. Sport and Health

All the goals and dreams are important but remember we can’t chase them when we do not have good health! Usually, in order to get wealthy, we sacrifice health! So you need to keep an eye on your health like you keep eye on your dreams and goals. If you make several health changes in the New Year, then you already feel like a new person.

What you are eating daily?

How many times do we find ourselves crabbing ready-made fast food? One day just take a look and see what that food consists of. Many would-be surprised (we were also)! We recommend that you take for example one-two weeks and try to eat healthily or at least watch what are you eating! After that write down how you feel. Better? worse? weaker? stronger? After that choose what is the best for you! Maybe you like fast food more 😉 

Walking or taking a car?

To be true only eating right does not help. Sorry! You need to move a little bit as well. It does not mean that you need to become an athlete or full of muscles… no of course not. Just find at least 30 min a day where you can take time to exercise. Again try different exercises and find what suits best for you! Running, swimming, gym, ball games…

Challenge yourself

Try something hard. Just to put yourself a little pressure! It is like with finances. If you try something for the first time it is hard for sure. It is uncomfortable and needs a lot of energy to even register yourself in some event or competition. I won’t lie! Just try. And you find how you become stronger and happier! 

Find out ways on how to challenge yourself

5. Family, Friends and Free Time

It seems like a lot so far? But I also want to have my friends and family and ME time! It is tough at first because at this moment you need to prioritize your list. What is the most important to you! For us, family and friends are also really important and we find time for them. Also, let your good friends and family know what you are doing and planning. They are a good motivation and support for you!

Planning your time

You can never buy more time or turn it back! Try to plan your life (work, self improvement, family, friends, free time…) How much free time do you need? You need to relax as well! “Biggest engines also need the most cooling!” If you start to make changes in your life then you need to take time off, otherwise, you can end up worse! For example, If you have your week planned then you are less worried about what you should do each day because you already know it!

Create memories

When was the last time you travelled somewhere or learned something new? Can you remember what you did one month ago? There is a big chance that you remember when you travelled last time or did something new and you can talk this to your friends with little details! (if not then it is the last time to start living!) Collecting memories does not mean only travelling, doing new things, or having a big wallet. We all have great memories of doing stupid things with our friends, staying out all night like back in the high school days… 

Do yourself a favour and make new memories that are going to last forever! “Things end but memories last forever!”

Family and friends

It is important to set goals and chase dreams, of course! But one important thing. Never forget your family and friends, never. They are the ones who believe in you and support you (even if it does not seem so)! So find time for them or make time for them! Time flies fast and we can not take back the time when we are with them!


You may think that it is easy for us to talk about that. Yes, it is easy to talk because, in theory, everything is easy…it gets hard when we actually need to do something. We are not perfect as well, oh no! We have made so many mistakes and have failed countless times and you know what? We still keep making them! 

If everything would have gone as we planned, we would be in a really good position right now. But what is most important? We always keep going, no matter what happens. We are trying to learn from every mistake and we can say that we are enjoying the process. 

If you end up somewhere you do not want, then it is because you made that decision! Not someone else! 

If you finish a year and take a look back at it. Then how do you feel? Are you in the same position? Same life? Same work? or you did something new and you are in a different place now?

Most important – “Are you proud of yourself?”

What do you choose? – Challenge yourself or hope for the best! The choice is yours!

Is this going to be the same year as the previous or you’re going to make a change?


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