We believe that life is all about making memories and creating great stories. Everyone wants to live a happy life, in the end, that is what we are chasing for!

We want to share stories about us and other people, who have been taking action to change their lives. Not just money wise but also soul and spirit wise. 

We hope that everyone who lands on this page finds something to relate to.

What do we like to do? 

We like sports. Ohh we are big enthusiasts. And to be honest we don´t think everything through.  We usually just go and do it. And yeah, we do not have a plan. Wise man once said: “The best plan is no plan!” is it smart? To be honest not always, but many unexcpected things can happen.

“Know where you are heading, but be flexible on the journey!” 

We like different challenges and going out of our comfort zone. 

We don’t like to just sit and think! We rather go and do. – kind of our moto

Making personal development fun, easy and productive?!

Let’s be honest. Sometimes personal development can be hard, time consuming and quite boring. We can also relate and to admit that we have been there.

But if it would be other way around? Would it be more interesting? More intriguing? 

Would it then be something that takes people’s attention. Maybe?! 

There’s a another old saying: “We as humans learn more while we are entertained” 

We will be honest with you. It’s not stand up comedy. But We will make sure that you will be entertained! 

So buckle up and be ready for a bumpy ride. 

Why is personal development important?

We all know the truth: when we grow then we grow! Simple as that. 

Why our page?

Why not, Why not our page? 

You probably know that there are many many websites about personal development. We are a small fish in a big ocean. We are not the first page that pops out from google. We don´t have PhD in psychology or anything else related. We are just two enthusiasts who are looking different ways to improve our mindset.

But we make sure that we will be memorable, valuable and a reason why you don’t regret coming back to our website again. If you like our content then great if not then no worries. There are a lot to choose from and we hope you find the one you like!

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